Application Grasshopper:

The grasshopper app launched by Google is one of the leading technology companies , One of its subsidiaries, Arya 120, one of the incubators within Google, has announced the launch of a new app called grasshopper , The company aims through this modern application to teach programming through easy and simple steps , The program organizers confirmed that its main goal is to learn programming in a fun way on the mobile phone.

Information about grasshopper app to learn programming :

grasshopper application is one of the applications that is easy to download today on the mobile phone for the purpose of learning programming , It consists of several simple puzzles through which a person uses his spare time to learn a new language or a modern method of programming , At the beginning of learning a new programming language, it is easy to finish two lessons in one day , It is necessary to log in to the Google account and you will find that the application will grade from easy and even nerve with progress, mastery and practice , The application teaches programming through several stages, the first of which is the basics stage.

The programming language grasshopper is based on for education is JavaScript , Those in charge of the program are working on adding other languages in order to work on developing the application on an ongoing basis , It is worth mentioning that the application since the beginning of its launch on electronic stores.

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