Athlon 64 Processors

For a long time, Intel was the market leader in processor sales and popularity with its products, but AMD processors were a strong opponent that finally put an end to that.With the release of the special Athlon 64 processor, with 64-bit computing capabilities, they slowly but surely took back the market from Intel.

Athlon 64 processors have been around for a while and their power and speed have proven over their peers to be the market leader in processing power.As most people know, by means of an AMD processor running at much slower speeds than Intel processors, it is much cooler to run. This feature eliminated the need for expensive cooling equipment and opened the door for overclocking.

Although AMD hit the mark when they released a version of their 64-bit processor long before Intel, it didn’t stop there. They have constantly upgraded their line to increase speed and efficiency. This is demonstrated with fx series processors and their dual core processors.

fx series processors is the king of AMD. They are the most powerful processor that is available.It showed blazing speeds for CPU intensive functions such as video encoding, gaming and graphics. It has also demonstrated great performance in database-based work and most other aspects of computing.

The dual core processor is the best and the fastest in multitasking.. They provide the power of two processor running in unison while still being able to fit in a single processor motherboard.Although these treatments are basically two-factor, they are expensive and may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Intel is trying to counter AMD’s supremacy by forming an alliance with Apple. All Mac computers are now available with Intel processors. Time will tell if this will be profitable for Intel let’s wait and see.

With the amount of competition from AMD, this only means more benefits for the consumer. As the war between Intel and AMD intensifies, the consumer benefiting from this war is the lower prices and increased quality of their processors.

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