Cisco’s Catalyst 6500 Remains The Network Switch To Beat

New features and upgrades are known to keep Cisco systems ahead of the market for network switches.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, OCTOBER 10, 2006: After a lackluster Q3, Cisco Systems emerged to the world as the leader in the 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch market for the fourth quarter.. So buoyed by increased demand and a general rise in the average selling price, that Cisco made significant gains in a market of over $300 million.

With almost 70% of the projected $1.3 Billion 10-Gig market share and a more powerful, yet affordable design, the Catalyst 6500 is poised to cement Cisco as the dominating force in the industry. The latest eight-port version, the 10-Gigabit Ethernet module for the 6500, has emerged as Cisco quickly steps away from the rest of the package.

In addition, upgrades such as the Application Control Engine (ACE) console have prompted companies such as Pure Video Networks to adopt Cisco switches to manage their popular video traffic. By implementing concurrent data center services such as server load balancing, integrated networking, and application switching/security, the ACE module provides the highest performance in the industry.

ACE simplifies application infrastructure by combining the functionality of multiple application delivery hardware into a single unit, including server load balancing, load offloading, and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, security, and application optimization capabilities.

The network switch is already a real hit in the IT market, as the 6500 Series reduces losses in current operating costs and improves the network’s ability to respond to bandwidth-intensive demands. More broadly, customers using Catalyst 6500 Service Modules are reducing total cost of ownership by leveraging simplified infrastructure, improved investment protection, end-to-end security, higher levels of performance, scalability, and innovative technologies.

There are more than twenty unique servers in five distinct classes, and the Catalyst 6500 ranks among the most scalable, high-performance integrated services platforms. Cisco currently offers modules that address security issues, applications, networking, network monitoring, wireless/mobility, and IP communications, which can be integrated into existing catalyst switches. Over $20 billion in sales conditioned to launch in 1999, the 6500 Series Switch became the most popular networking platform ever available.

Where Cisco has been able to fend off most of the threats to its sites, then its competitor Foundry Networks and newcomer Force 10 recently introduced new ready-made 10Gb products designed to disrupt the company’s market share.In terms of literature on the Terascale E-Series 1200 from the Force 10, the E1200 features more than twice the Catalyst 6500 ports (1,260 vs. 576 Ethernet ports/chassis).

While this may be good news for the company, the Force 10 has focused heavily on the vertical data center, as it is still untested in the enterprise market. Thus Foundry’s BigIron RX Series Switch received positive pressure due to its size/performance ratio and low price. With the launch of the new RX series, Foundry has made a consistent affront to the undisputed era of Cisco.

Continuing with the escalation of new endeavors, the Cisco name remains a key factor among IT professionals whose networks depend on their equipment. Fortunately for powerful Cisco, it’s holding up, and reputation is still the key to market dominance.

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