Computer Consulting and Virtual IT

Most computer consulting firms make a huge mistake when it comes to their small business engagements, because computer consulting business owners often fall in love with technology, at the expense of business opportunities. For your computer consulting firm to evolve, you must ensure that you understand the concept of virtual IT and build virtual IT into every major business decision of your computer consulting firm.

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Can you own or run a computer consulting company? Are you thinking or want to achieve greater success for your small business? If my expectations are so then you are in the right place get ready to find out why most computer consulting firms are wrong in IT (Information Technology) and what you can do about IT.

The main problem is: Why most of the time computer consulting companies make mistakes in information technology?

Lots of computer consulting business owners make their jobs a lot harder than they need to. And the reason why? The answer is very simple, because computer consulting business owners fall in love with technology… and consider their small business clients a distant second priority.

However, if you get it wrong in this particular part of “IT”, you will condemn your computer consulting firm to the status of a “Clueless Geek”. It is very important that you understand a very important principle here: Recruiting and retaining small business clients is your priority in computer consulting. It is important that keeping up with information technology should not interfere with the mission of your computer consulting firm.

In other words, don’t get seduced by the hardware, operating systems or applications. Fall-in-love with the business opportunities surrounding how you solve your clients’ biggest business problems with your recommended IT solutions. That’s the real mission of a computer consulting company.

The Solution: important things Blend Computer Consulting and Virtual IT

All of this should be put into perspective with your computer consulting firm, it is important that you need to understand and embrace the concept of virtual IT.

Virtual IT its main business is what allows your computer consulting firm to act as an extension of your small business client companies. It is possible for your computer consulting firm to become essentially an IT department that is outsourced to your small business clients.

When you would be the owner or manager of a computer consulting firm in this role, you are most likely to become a de facto Chief Information Officer (CIO), CTO (Chief Technology Officer), or CIO for small business clients.

For any good in-house IT department, a virtual IT computer consulting business will need to provide, or arrange, an integrated solution that includes services such as help desk, desktop support, network management, engineering, security, training, procurement, and asset management. Anything less than a complete virtual IT solution would leave valuable computer consulting money on the table.

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