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Telegram update will witness a high demand for downloads of its application in 2024, and the company is keen to develop and update the application permanently to be a pioneer in the field of voice and video chats.

Telegram was founded in 2013, and since then the company has constantly updated and developed the application. The company continues to improve Telegram to be the best application in the field of instant and video chats. The new Telegram update for 2023 includes many features and improvements that make using the application easier and more useful.

This article aims to explain how to download and upload the update and the most prominent features of the new Telegram update for 2023.


Download the latest Telegram update, version 2024:

Users can easily download the new Telegram update for 2023 by clicking on the download button in the article. The new update contains many new features that will make using the application easier and more useful.

Telegram is one of the most famous applications in the world of instant chats, and the company always seeks to develop the application to improve the user experience. The 2023 Telegram update is the latest among these updates, and includes many new features that will make using the application easier and more effective.

How to update Telegram on Android 2023:
The company is gradually introducing the new update to the Telegram application to all users. Users can update the application by downloading the update by clicking on the download button in the article, or waiting for the application to be updated automatically when the new update is available in the Google Play Store.


How to install the new Telegram update 2024:

After downloading the Telegram 2023 update in APK format, you can easily install it by following these steps:

Download the latest Telegram 2023 update by clicking on the direct link at the end of the article.
Enable installation of applications from unknown sources in your device settings.
Start installing the application as the rest of the applications are installed.
Enter your phone number and the city you live in.
Enter the code you receive, and the Telegram 2023 update will be installed successfully.


How to update Telegram 2024: Automatic download from Google Play:

Telegram is gradually sending the new update to the application to all users. Therefore, if you want to get the new update as quickly as possible, you can download it directly by clicking the download button at the bottom of the article. You can also confirm the arrival of the new update for the Telegram application by going to the Google Play Store and searching for the Telegram application. If a new update is available, the word “Update” will appear next to the app name.


Continue reading the full article to learn about the features and how to use them

New additions and features in the Telegram 2023 update, latest version
The 2023 Telegram application update includes many new features and additions that facilitate the use of the application and improve the user experience. The most prominent of these advantages are:


Using Stories in Telegram 2024 Featured:

How do I post a story on Telegram?
Simply put, you can share photos and videos as statuses on Telegram that will be deleted after 24 hours. Since you can control who can share photos and videos and control what you want the story to see, you simply control the time the story appears: 12 hours, 6 hours, 24 hours, or 18 hours. .

Change the profile picture of any contact:
You can now change the profile picture of any contact on your phone, and the change is visible only to you.

Change background for contacts:

The user can control the appearance of a contact’s background.

Translating video messages:
You can translate visual messages and convert them to written text.

Change audio playback speed:
You can change the playback speed for videos, audio clips, and video messages.

Many new stickers:
The new update includes the return of some stickers, such as Halloween stickers and others, in addition to many new stickers.

Greater control over text size:
You can control the size of the application text, zoom in and out.

Previous advantages in previous versions:

Power saving mode:
You can now disable beautiful animations in Telegram to extend battery life and improve performance of older devices.

Know when to read in small groups:
For groups with fewer than 100 members, you can now see how much reading time each member spent reading your messages.

Add an emoji to your profile picture:
You can now add any animated emoji to your profile picture.

Auto-save incoming data: You can decide what is automatically saved to your gallery, either photos or videos.
Detailed media permissions in groups: You can choose what media members are allowed to send, whether photos, videos, stickers, and many others.
New interactive icons: Full-screen effects have been added between you and someone else in the conversation, and you can also blur images after they’re downloaded.
Control who can see your profile picture: You can make your profile picture public or private to your contacts and friends.

Improved conversation preview: You can preview conversations without reading them in Telegram, and new buttons have been added to allow you to mark them as read, mute, pin or delete them.
Where in the exhibition:
Now you can enable or disable media saving separately for conversations, as well as users, groups, or channels

Auto-delete all conversations: You can now set a global auto-delete timer to remove messages in all new conversations in the future.

What you want to save in your gallery.
Detailed permissions for media in groups:
How to set media permissions in groups in the new Telegram application update. Indeed, group admins can limit the media they allow group members to send by selecting the link

Live the occasion in the group settings. New interactive icons in the latest Telegram update.

Possibility of blurry images after downloading the Telegram update:
You can add a sparkling layer to photos and videos that darkens the image, and when you click on it, the image appears completely. In addition, you can control who can see your profile picture, as you can make it public for all contacts and friends or private for only some of them.


Improved chat preview in Telegram update:
You can now preview conversations in the Telegram application without having to read the messages. New buttons have also been added that allow you to perform various actions such as marking them as read, muting them, pinning them, or deleting them. To preview the conversation, simply long press on the profile picture of the conversation you want to preview from your list of conversations.


Auto save to gallery in Telegram
You can now activate or disable saving media for each conversation individually, whether with users, groups, or channels. To do this, you must go to the settings of the Telegram application, then choose “Data and authentication”, then choose the conversation whose settings you want to modify and select either activate or disable saving media for it in the gallery.


Automatic deletion of all conversations in the Telegram update
Indeed, you can now set a global auto-delete timer to automatically remove messages in all future new conversations. To do this, simply tap “Settings,” then “Privacy and Security,” then “Automatically delete messages.” From there, you can set a timer to automatically delete messages on all future new conversations, such as 24 hours, a week, a month, or so that messages don’t automatically delete.

In the Telegram application, you can click on the message with just one click to see who has viewed it. After clicking on the message, the number of viewers will be displayed. You can click on the number to view a list of all users who viewed the message. The viewer list is saved for 7 days, after which it will be hidden.


Interaction in the latest version of Telegram

Indeed, you can send an emoji reaction without sending any text in the Telegram app. To activate this feature, the admin must enter the group or channel settings, choose “Interactions,” and specify the type of interactions required. After that, users can go to the group, tap on any text, choose the comment they like, and send it with emoji.


Customize notification tools in the 2023 Telegram update

You can now turn any sound into a notification tone or create ringtones from your favorite music in the Telegram app. Your ringtones can be accessed via the side menu in the conversation. You can access it by clicking on the side menu, then choosing “Mute,” then choosing “Personalize,” and activating custom notifications. Then you can add new ringtones to the conversation through the Audio tab.


Custom mute in the new Telegram

You can pause notifications for a specific period in the Telegram app. To do this, you can click on the side menu in the conversation and choose “Mute,” then choose “Mute for” and specify how long you want to turn off notifications for. You can choose to turn off notifications for 1 hour, 8 hours, 2 days, or even permanently cancel notifications, if you don’t want to receive any notifications from this conversation.


New menu for automatic deletion of personal files

You can enable auto-delete in any conversation in the Telegram app to make the conversation more private and less messy. To activate this feature, go to the group or conversation profile, then click on the three vertical dots and choose “Automatically Delete,” then specify the duration you want. You can choose to auto-delete after an hour, a day, a week, or even a month, or you can set a specific time for auto-deletion. Once you activate this feature, the messages will be automatically deleted after the period you specified.

Telegram update on computer 2023

Updates to the Telegram computer application are released regularly to improve performance and add new features. The latest update can be found by visiting the official Telegram website. You can also view the new features that have been added to the application by reading the release notes attached to each update.

Download Telegram Plus 2023

It should be noted that it is not recommended to download the unofficial Telegram Gold application, as this can lead to security and privacy issues. The Telegram application should be downloaded from the official application store for Android or iOS devices or from the official Telegram website. It is important to note that using the paid Telegram Pro application requires subscribing to the service and paying the required subscription fees, and there is no link to download Telegram Gold to obtain the paid features for free in the update. Telegram.

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